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I have a question about how to link a selected item on one listbox and to display on the other listbox in the same form... this is what i want to :

I have a table called category which has the following values:

category table:
categorynumber (primary key) int not null,
categoryname varchar() not null,
Parentcategory (foreign key refering to categorynumber)int not null,
categoryfollowingnumber int not null.

I want to select from category, subcategory and subsubcategory. Thus

listbox2(subcategory based on category1)
listbox3 (sub-sub category based on subcategory)

listbox1: select category: Car
listbox2: display: toyota
listbox3: display: toyota corola

I can see category1 in listbox1, but the link based on the selected category is where I get stuck. Do I have to use a subform or this possible on a single form ?

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Have you tried anything so far? –  djadmin Oct 22 '12 at 16:44
@djadmin..yes i did up to now, first i used the following steps: i created three list box in a form; in listbox1 rowResource: i query all the main category ( it works, i see only the main category as i wanted). Then on listbox1 event afterupdate i used the following code to display the subcategory in the listbox2: Me.listbox2.Rowsource = Me.listbox1.Rowsource followed by Me.listbox2.Requery...... but i cant see anything on the listbox2, i guess if i can fix to see the subcategry on the listbox2 then i can see also on the listbox3.. all value is in one table within a FK and PK. thx..luis –  Luis Natural Oct 22 '12 at 18:37

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You will need something like this for your row sources:

 Listbox1: SELECT id, category FROM categorytable
 Listbox2: SELECT id, subcategory FROM subcategorytable
           WHERE categoryID = Forms!NameOfForm!LListbox1
 Listbox3: SELECT id, subsubcategory FROM subsubcategorytable
           WHERE subcategoryID = Forms!NameOfForm!LListbox2

In both the current event for the form and the after update event for listbox1 and listbox2, you will need to requery listbox2 and listbox3 as appropriate.

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