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I am writing an application where I want to define many types in the withtype clause of a datatype declaration. The following code snippet demonstrates it:

datatype ta = A
withtype tb = int
     and tc = tb

mlton fails to compile this code, although smlnj succeeds.

$ mlton -stop o test.sml
Error: test.sml 3.15.
  Undefined type tb.
compilation aborted: parseAndElaborate reported errors

I am using mlton-20100608 and smlnj-110.71.

Is this a bug in mlton?

I do not know how to proceed without this sort of declaration: a set of mutually recursive datatypes and types.

The idea comes from the abstract syntax tree types proposed by Andrew Appel for the Tiger language in his book Modern Compiler Implementation in ML, page 98, in file absyn.sml

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According to Andreas Rossberg from the mlton community, this is not a bug with mlton, but a (known) deviation from the standard on SML/NJ's part. According to the spec, the type abbreviations following withtype are not recursive with each other, only with the preceding datatypes. The example gets rewritten to

datatype ta = A
type tb = int
and tc = tb

That is, MLton is correct to flag this.

One can always expand out the the other type constructors on the right-hand sides, so it's no real limitation. Having to do so can be quite a nuisance, though.

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