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I've managed to get Teamcity running and connecting into bitbucket and the final step I'd like would be to get the MVC 4 project copied into another folder on the server ready for an xcopy deployment onto a web host.

I'm using MSBUILD, as the build agent.

Thanks in advance.

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Preferred way is to use publishing targets in MSBuild.

  1. Add new build step with runner type MSBuild
  2. Set Build file path to your web project csproj file
  3. Set Target to Clean;Build;Publish
  4. Set Command line parameters to /p:Configuration=Release;PublishDir=\\your\target\path

Hope this helps.

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How have you wired this up in teamcity? I'm unsure on the params sorry for the questions new to teamcity. – RubbleFord Oct 22 '12 at 17:33
See edited answed – Aleš Roubíček Oct 24 '12 at 6:44

You could use the CommandLine buildrunner to xcopy. Personally I would not even copy the result to a different server.

For deployment I would have a deployment project in Teamcity that gets the required artifcat via wget from the Teamcity Rest-Api and uploads it to the hosting provider. This can also be done in CommandLine buildrunner.

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