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I hope it is okay if I post solved problems and ask for a more beautiful solution, so that I can see how it is done correctly

I wanted a list of all process names mapped with a ProcessID. Something like "notepad.exe" -> 4242 Ofc there can be multiple instances so it should be something like "notepad.exe" -> List(4242,7171)

I have a method which gives me a tuple

private def extractProcess(s: String): (String, Int) = {
    val process = s.split(" ").filterNot(str => str == "")
    (process(0), process(1).toInt)

output would be ("Notepad.exe",4242)

processList containt the raw string from windows tasklist which looks something like this

svchost.exe                   4464 Services                   0        47.656 K

Now I want to create a map with all processes and I have done it like this

val process: Map[String, List[Int]] = Map()
    processList.drop(5).map(s => {
      val element = extractProcess(s)
      if (process contains element._1) {
        val p = process get element._1
        process(element._1) = p.get ::: List(element._2)
      } else {
        process(element._1) = List(element._2)

I droped the first 5 elements because they are not needed

Now the output would look like this

(svchost.exe,List(656, 732, 928, 964, 992, 1036, 1140, 1360, 2168, 4464, 4764, 5048))

Which is what I wanted to do. Are there better ways of creating the map?

I always think more imperative than functional, it is hard to think different.

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As for your disclaimer, there is codereview site (it's better suited for questions like this, but on the other hand it has much less visitors) –  om-nom-nom Oct 21 '12 at 20:15

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Could be made simpler like this:

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processList only contains the strings from the tasklist (windows), I need to call extractProcess to retrieve the tuple. –  Maik Klein Oct 21 '12 at 20:13
Yeah. Missed that. Corrected it. –  rjsvaljean Oct 21 '12 at 20:15
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