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Is it possible to implement drag and drop behavior in the notification area of the windows taskbar? Like having the icon there that can monitor something dragged and dropped on it. I suppose it should be a little bit tricky (if ever possible)

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Perhaps you didn't notice, but the notification area of the windows taskbar is all but gone. Windows XP's notification area shrinks a lot and even when expaned, still hides a wide variety of icons that are unchanged. Windows Vista - who cares what it does, but Windows 7 refines it further, and only shows most of the notification icons when a ^ button is clicked. It looks like a waste of time. –  Chris Becke Aug 19 '09 at 15:24

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No, drag-n-drop is not available in the Taskbar's notification area, or on your application's taskbar button(s). You can only accept drag-n-drop from within your application's actual window(s).

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