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  1. How can I create in rails a drop down with all months in it?
  2. How do I create a drop down with a list of years beginning from current year and 8 years forward (2012, 2013... 2020)? Thanks.
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For the months:

<%= select_month( %>

(the argument will default it to the current month - use select_month(1) to default to January)

For the years:

<%= select_year(, :start_year =>, :end_year => 8.years.from_now.years) %>
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The answer i was looking for, thanks. Just a small typo on the end. 8.years.from_now.years should be 8.years.from_now.year. – Pete Nov 27 '14 at 21:36
<%= :month, 1..12 %>

<%= :year, 8.years.from_now.year %>
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thanks it solve my problems – Jazib Bashir Nov 12 '14 at 6:21

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