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How can I run a Rack-based application (not Rails) with unicorn? Let's assume I have a "hello world" response simple rack app with the name of server.ru, and config file at the same directory with the name of unicorn.conf, how am I supposed to run it? In Thin, for example, I would do something like:

bundle exec rackup server.ru -s thin -E production -p 4001

How would I do the same to run under Unicorn?

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Unicorn does not give any special treatment to Rails 3+ applications, so the behavior is exactly the same for Rails 3+ applications and non-Rails Rack applications. Just run


in your app's root. To run with a specific port, pass -p/--port with the port:

unicorn -p 4001

You can also specify the rackup file:

unicorn server.ru

You can see all the options by running unicorn --help. Of course, you should prepend bundle exec to these commands as needed by your setup.

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but how am I supposed to specify the file ? in this case server.ru ? –  Eki Eqbal Oct 21 '12 at 22:02
@EkiEqbal Updated. But again, this is all in unicorn's help. Read it, it's useful and worth your time. –  Andrew Marshall Oct 21 '12 at 22:13
For the obtuse, unicorn docs: launcher, config. Rack –  dbenhur Oct 21 '12 at 22:27

You can make a setting file for unicorn like this:

working_directory "/path/to/your/app"
listen 4001
pid "/tmp/unicorn.pid"

And then launch unicorn with the following command:

unicorn -c /path/to/your/setting/file.rb
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