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When I add my user control to the code in a XAML page the typeahead which prompt for elements and attributes stops working in that page. Everything works fine in runtime and I can display and use the user control as I want to, but in design time something gets corrupted.

If I comment out the user control using <!-- --> type-ahead starts working again. So while editing the XML I keep it commented, but it is a bit inconvenient to comment/uncomment every time I want to edit and then build & run.

The local namespace defined is shared among all classes in the project.

<local:MySettings Visibility="Collapsed" x:Name="MySettings" />
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This often means your control is doing something that upsets the designer. Check the output tab/window to see if there is any output?

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All of a sudden I notice that typeahead is working again...

As far as I know I did two things:

  1. I did a Rebuild (instead of Build) in order to see if there were any warning messages
  2. I closed VS to work on other things, and reopened just now.

Don't know which one of these was the cure for the problem, but at least it disappeared!

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