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I have an database with 3 tables, I want to add data to it in my java aplication...

String command1 = "INSERT INTO Drivers (IDNumber, FirstName, LastName) VALUES" + drivID + FName + LName;

Can I use this command to enter data in all 3 tables or do I have to create 3 commands like this to use in the following prepared statement

PreparedStatement p = conn.getStatement(command1);

Allso in my tables I have checkboxes and strings I made String variables as follow

String drivID = txtid.getText();

Can someone tell me what the object name for a checkbox is

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you must change table name.. – chrome Oct 21 '12 at 22:31
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String command1 = String.format("INSERT INTO %s (IDNumber, FirstName, LastName) VALUES (%s, %s, %s)", tableName, ID, fName, lName);
PreparedStatement p = conn.getStatement(command1);

Although, for your example, I see no reason why you cannot use a java.sql.Statement instead of a PreparedStatement.

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