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var audio = new Audio("click.ogg")

I play the click sound when needed by

However sometimes is user so quick, that browser does not play audio when (probably) didn't finish playing previous play request, even it is really just about 1 second. Or is this some preload issue?

How can I force browser to stop playing and start over? There is no stop, just pause in HTML5 audio component, correct? What turn-around can be used here?

Update - Additional note:

I have multiple check-boxes (made from div elements) with touchend event. When those elements are (un-)selected I play sound, visually change the element and change value of internal variable. If user is "clicking" on these elements slowly, it works nicely. If fast, sound is sometimes skipped - no audio for some "clicks"...

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This is the code I've been using and it's working for me:

            if(audioSupport.duration > 0 && !audioSupport.paused){

                //already playing
                audioSupport.currentTime = 0;


                //not playing


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I don't think it's even necessary to check if it's already playing. Just do this... audioSupport.pause(); audioSupport.currentTime = 0;; – Mark Jun 16 '14 at 17:39
And I also dont think it necessary to pause. – Jek-fdrv Dec 21 '15 at 7:29

The only way i found how to play a short sound very quickly (so quick that the 2nd sound starts before the first ends) is to actually load 5 or 10 and if you have to play again but are already playing, just go to the next, which is not playing:

    var soundEls = [];//load 10 audios instead of 1
    for(var i=0;i<10;i++){
        var soundEl = document.createElement('audio');
        soundEl.src = url;
        soundEl.preload = 'auto';

    var soundElIndex = 0;

    return {play:function(){
        var soundEl = soundEls[soundElIndex];

        if(soundEl.duration > 0 && !soundEl.paused){

            //already playing, switch to next soundEl
            if(!soundEls[soundElIndex]) soundElIndex=0;


            //not playing



Result of this is you can actually play the same sound over itself.

Probably not the right way to do it though.

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You can try this:

audio.currentTime = 0;;

It works well for me,

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Great solution. Faster then excepted answer. Ty – Jek-fdrv Dec 21 '15 at 7:29

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