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I'm trying to give a popup for the mouse hover event instead of click on markers and do some some other stuff (e.g. a func) when it's get clicked.

My half successful code which I don't believe will help you think in that direction:

(I'm simply adding a hover on click event)

marker[i].on('mouseover', marker[i].bindPopup('hi').openPopup.bind(marker[i]));

[i] simply stands for a loop

Leaflet's API:

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The following code shows a popup when the marker is moused over and does something else when the marker is clicked:

marker[i].on('mouseover', function(evt) {
  // is the marker that is being moused over 
  //bindPopup() does not need to be called here if it was already called
  //somewhere else for this marker.'hi').openPopup();
marker[i].on('click', function(evt) {
  //again, will contain the marker that was clicked
  console.log('you clicked a marker');
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I've been using leaflet version 0.7 for a long time and the code: marker[i].bindPopup('hi').openPopup.bind(marker[i]) Was working nice. But now with version 1b, if I use that, it triggers an error to the browser console: Cannot read property 'lat' of null. But now I'm using your solution: does the job just fine (yes, I'm declaring the bindPopup somewhere else). – Alberto Alexander Rodriguez Sep 24 at 18:33

You are not providing a callback for the mouseover event.

marker[i].on('mouseover', function () {

Pass in an anonymous function as your callback, when it is invoked it will do what you want.

I am not very familiar with leaflet api (just started using it a few months back) so there may also be an issue with marker[i].bindPopup('hi').openPopup.bind(marker[i]) as well.

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Thanks @mark but that's not correct. You see when I have a marker[i].bindPopup('hi22').openPopup.bind(marker[i]) the mouse over will be binded with a hi22 text. Also the same for marker[i].on('click', alert('hi22'));. Finally my callback doesn't need a function to work. – Diolor Oct 22 '12 at 11:46

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