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I have a huge file that I need to filter out all lines (comma delimited file) that do not contain an email address (determining that by @ character).

Right now what I have is this to find all lines containing the @ sign:


basically you have 4 values and the 3rd value has the email address.

the replace with: value would be empty.

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So, what's your question? –  David Oct 21 '12 at 23:01

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try replace ^[^@]*$ with nothing. Alternatively, grep the file with your regex and redirect the result into a new file.

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That did it thanks! –  Jubair Oct 21 '12 at 23:22

You have about 10 different ways to do this in TextMate and even more from the command line. Here are some of the easier ways...

From TextMate:

  1. Command-control-t, start typing some part of the command "Copy Non-Matching Lines into New Document", use @ (nothing else) for the pattern.
  2. Same as above, except the command you're looking for is "Distill Document / Selection"
  3. Find and select an @ symbol. Then do the same as the above but search for the command "Strip Lines Matching Selection/Clipboard". You may not have it as I may have developed this one myself.

From the command line:

Type one of the following commands, replacing FILE with the filename, including the filepath if it's not in your current working directory. The filtered content can be found in FILE-new.

  1. Using egrep: egrep -v '@' FILE > FILE-new
  2. Using sed: cat FILE | sed -e "/@/D" > FILE-new

For both of the above, use diff to see what you accomplished: diff FILE{,-new}

That should probably do, I'm guessing...

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