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Hi all im kind of new using Telerik Grid, basically what im trying to accomplish here is the following scenario, i have a form that have some fields and via ajax calls another action on my controller to generate the model to a partial view that have the following grid, my problem is that i need to create some actions depending on some business logic, i know i can do that using a column template, the thing is that since im using ajax binding it "loose" my template, looking around on internet i found that u can do that using a js function go generate the links, my question is isnt that kind of messy ?? im duplicating the same business logic on the server and on the client, there's must be a better way to accomplish this ??

          .DataBinding(binding => binding.Ajax().OperationMode(GridOperationMode.Client))
          .Columns(column =>
              column.Bound(c => c.Id).Title("Id").Width(30);
              column.Bound(c => c.Status);
              column.Bound(c => c.DateReg);
                       <div class="ActionsProvGrid">
                           <a href="@Url.Action("SomeAction", "Controller", new {id = item.id})">
                               <img src="../../Content/icons/ViewMore.png" alt="ViewMore" />
                           @if (@item.Status.Equals("ACT"))
                               <a href="@Url.Action("SomeOtherAction", "Controller", new {idOportunidad = item.id})">
                                   <img src="../../Content/icons/invoice.png" alt="invoice"/>

                  ).ClientTemplate("<#= GenearteIcons(data)  #>");
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As a solution you can define property on your model that encapsulates the result of your business logic:

public bool DoesStatusEqualToAct {
    return (code that determines if it's true);

And in JavaScript function that generates a link html you can access this property:

function GenerateIcons(data){
    var html = '';
       html = 'version 1';
       html = 'version 2';
   return html;
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Thx @Rustam that could be a workaround, but i need to declare template twice on server side and one client side, theres another way ?? –  jgreg Oct 23 '12 at 12:51

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