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I have a DataFrame with about 25 columns, several of which hold data unsuitable for plotting. DataFrame.hist() throws errors on those. How can I specify that those columns should be excluded from the plotting?

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We can potentially make this easier (I created a github issue), but for now you can select out the columns you want to plot:

df.ix[:, df.columns - to_excl].hist()
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what is the "to_excl" object? –  monkut Jan 24 '13 at 6:51
As a "to_excl" object, you can use a list with column names to exclude. –  razz0 May 16 at 16:57

I usually do the following:

columns = [column for column in df.columns if df[column].dtype == 'float64']
df = df[columns]
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Following the official docs you can use loc


And you obtain, for instance, only the column 'A' and 'B'. In this way you can select the columns to plot.

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I imagine you could just:

df.drop(['bad col1', 'bad col2...', ], 1).hist()
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