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    <title> Buttons</title>
 <style type="text/css">


<form name="calculator">
<input type="text"  name="display" length="50" width="100">
<input type= "button" value="7" class="intro" id="seven" onclick="one(7)">
<input type= "button" value="8" class="intro" id="eight" onclick="one(8)">
<input type= "button" value="9" class="intro" id="nine" onclick="one(9)">
<input type= "button" value="+" class="intro" id="plus" onclick="one('+')">
<input type= "button" value="-" class="intro" id="minus" onclick="one('-')">
<input type= "button" value="4" class="intro" id="four" onclick="one(4)">
<input type= "button" value="5" class="intro" id="five" onclick="one(5)">
<input type= "button" value="6" class="intro" id="six" onclick="one(6)">
<input type= "button" value="x" class="intro" id="multiply" onclick="one('*')">
<input type= "button" value="/" class="intro" id="divide" onclick="one('/')">
<input type= "button" value="1" class="intro" id="one" onclick="one(1)">
<input type= "button" value="2" class="intro" id="two" onclick="one(2)">
<input type= "button" value="3" class="intro" id="three" onclick="one(3)">
<input type= "button" value="=" class="intro" id="equal" onclick="Evaluate()">
<input type= "button" value="0" class="intro" id="zero" onclick="one(0)">
<input type= "button" value="." class="intro" id="decimal" onclick="one('.')">
<input type= "button" value="c" class="intro" id="clear" onclick="clearDigit()">

<script type="text/javascript" src="C:\Users\LS\Desktop\QBJS\button.js">


var timer;
var object;
var thing;
var digit="";
var result;
var first;
var that;
var hilighted;

This function is supposed to suspend input to the calc. display when a button is highlighted. When no button is hi-lighted, it adds digits to the display. My timer was working before I added the if statement, and I can't figure out what needs to change to accommodate the if statement.

function one(event)

if (thing.className=="duction")
else {


function AddDigit(x)

   if (typeof parseInt(x, 10) === "number" ) 


    {document.calculator.display.value+=digit + x;}

 function Evaluate()
 document.calculator.display.value = result;





 else if(thing.className=="duction")

function clearDigit()
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The if statement must read if(event.className=="intro")...instead of thing.className –  qb1234 Oct 22 '12 at 3:03

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In function one you are calling AddDigit with a parameter which is an event. In AddDigit you use parseInt on that object which will return NaN. Probably what you want is to send the digit to AddDigit so change your call in function one to send that appropriate value.

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