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I went to Project->Properties->C/C++ General->Paths and Symbols and indeed the paths are the ones of my old mingwin install. My question is : is there an easy way to tell eclipse to reset the toolchain - for the workspace not per project ? Of course when I installed the CDT having already mingwin in my PATH I did not configure anything manually and I'd like to avoid it now


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Found an answer here. Go to Project > properties > C/C++ General > Paths and Symbols > GNU C++ - you will notice the paths point to old installation. Clear them in Project > properties > C/C++ Build > Discovery Options > GCC C++ Compiler and press the Clear button in the Automated discovery of paths and symbols box by the Clear discovered entries now label.

Rebuild your project.

Valid for Eclipse Juno.

If someone could explain how to do this not on a per project basis but for the whole workspace (the clean up of the settings) it would be much appreciated (and accepted). The paths are hardcoded in ${workspace_loc}\.metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.cdt.make.core\<project_name>.sc files - the usual total epic mess with eclipse prefs being scattered all over the place - grr. Would the answer to my original question be to search and replace the paths there (and only there ?) ?

EDIT : Of note are the items in Project > Index menu - maybe a more appropriate way to do the same thing ?

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The settings changed in release 8.1 (Eclipse Juno) and can be set globally for all projects. At least that's what they advertised.

In Window > Preferences > C/C++ > Build > Settings, select CDT GCC Built-in Compiler Settings MinGW then Clear Entries and Reset. In my version (CDT 8.2, Eclipse Kepler), the project specific settings Discovery Options does not exist anymore.

Some links about this:

  1. http://wiki.eclipse.org/CDT/User/NewIn81#Scanner_Discovery
  2. http://wiki.eclipse.org/CDT/User/FAQ#What_is_a_Scanner_Discovery.3F

In my specific case, it did work but no for everything, and not for the most important the Path and Symbols settings. I had to manually edit the <project_name>.sc file in the workspace.

Hope this helps someone else.


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Thanks - will have to verify and possibly accept your answer :) –  Mr_and_Mrs_D May 1 '14 at 15:47
Hope it's fully resolved one day. It's going in the right direction I think. You can keep your answer accepted, my answer is more as an addendum for other users :) –  Matt May 5 '14 at 15:19

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