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I am developing a small app where the user uploads a csv file to the document folder in the app through iTunes. I am using the following code, but it checks only the first column in first row. Its not checking the second rows column. My csv file contains 2 rows and 4 columns each. First column is a number. The user will type this number in a text box and click a button to check whether the number is in csv file. The following function is the one I am using

-(void)CheckEntry //this function checks the example.csv file
    NSArray *DocumentPath = NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains(NSDocumentDirectory, NSUserDomainMask, YES);

    NSString *DocumentDirectory = [DocumentPath objectAtIndex:0];

    NSString *FullPath = [DocumentDirectory stringByAppendingPathComponent:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"example.csv"]];

    NSString * pstrCSVFile= [NSString stringWithContentsOfFile:FullPath encoding:NSASCIIStringEncoding error:NULL];

    NSArray * paRowsOfCSVFile= [pstrCSVFile componentsSeparatedByString:@"\r\n"];

    NSArray *paColumnsOfRow;
    NSString *pstrFirstColumn;
    for(NSString * pstrRow in paRowsOfCSVFile)
        paColumnsOfRow= [pstrRow componentsSeparatedByString:@","];
        pstrFirstColumn= [paColumnsOfRow objectAtIndex:0];

        if([pstrFirstColumn localizedCaseInsensitiveCompare:GWIDText.text] == NSOrderedSame)
            NSString *msg = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"The record was found"];
            UIAlertView *alertingFileName = [[UIAlertView alloc]initWithTitle:msg message:msg delegate:nil cancelButtonTitle:@"OK" otherButtonTitles:nil, nil];
            [alertingFileName show];
            NSString *msg = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"Not Found"];
            UIAlertView *alertingFileName = [[UIAlertView alloc]initWithTitle:msg message:msg delegate:nil cancelButtonTitle:@"OK" otherButtonTitles:nil, nil];
            [alertingFileName show];

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Have you logged paRowsOfCSVFile.count to see if it's 2? –  rdelmar Oct 22 '12 at 3:36

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Try using componentsSeparatedByCharactersInSet:[NSCharacterSet newlineCharacterSet] instead of componentsSeparatedByString: and see if that helps.

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Yep. That did the magic. Thanks! –  Gravity M Oct 22 '12 at 4:21

You are trying to show an alert view inside a loop. So you end up trying to show as many alert views as there are rows. That is unlikely what you want. Your requirement is unclear. Do you want to check all columns of all rows, just the first column of all rows, or simply find the first match and stop?

Create a BOOL variable just before the loop. Something like BOOL found = NO;. Then in the loop, set the variable to YES when you find a match. Then, after the loop, show the proper alert based on the found variable. The exact solution really depends on your true intent here.

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Here are the clear requirements. I upload a csv file to the document folder of the app. Now I give a text box and a button to the user. User will enter a number and press the button. Now the code has to check first columns of all the rows and display the message that the user was found. –  Gravity M Oct 22 '12 at 3:31
OK, then what I posted is correct. You simply want to scan every row looking for a match. So show the alert after the loop based on the flag. If you only care about the first match, then you can break out of the loop as soon as a match is found. IF you want to count the matches and tell the user how many matches there were, change the flag to an integer and increment for each match. Either way don't show any alert inside the loop. Do it after the loop. –  rmaddy Oct 22 '12 at 3:34
Ok, I did exactly as you said. I took out the alert, and placed it out side of the loop. Now, what I do in the loop is just set found=1 or 0. Its still not working. The first row first column number checks out but not the second row first column. –  Gravity M Oct 22 '12 at 3:43
Only set 'found' to YES on a match. Don't set it to NO on a mismatch. You don't care about mismatches, only matches. So after the loop, you want to know - "was any match found at all?". –  rmaddy Oct 22 '12 at 3:46
its still not working. I took the else part from for loop. –  Gravity M Oct 22 '12 at 3:49

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