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If I have the following simplified string:


How do I get the following only using only regex?


All numbers are unknown. The only known parts are itemA, itemB, itemC, string and icon

I've tried string.+?itemB.+?, but it also picks up from the first occurrence of string rather than the one adjacent to itemB

I've also tried using [^icon] preceding the itemB in various positions but couldn't get it to work.

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Try this:

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Try this regex

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The given solutions that use a restricted set of characters instead of a wildcard are simplest, but to get more at the general question: You got the non-greedy quantifier part right, but being non-greedy doesn't prevent the matcher from taking as many characters as it needs to find a match. You might be looking for the atomic group operator, (?>group). Once the group matches something, it will be treated atomically if the matcher needs to backtrack.


In your example, the group matches string331-item, but the B doesn't match R so the whole group is tossed and the search moves to the next string.

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You don't mention the commas separating items as a known part but use it in the example regex so I assume it can be used in a solution. Try excluding the comma as a character set instead of matching against ".".

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