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How can I download multiple files in ftp using batch script. I have a list of files in notepad with the exact directory and I want to iterate them to download each of files. Furthermore, folder and sub-folders should be created upon download.

Please help.

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There isn't a command line command to connect to a URL from the MS command line.

Try wget for Windows or URL2File

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Are you sure? What about the ftp client that comes with Windows? microsoft.com/resources/documentation/windows/xp/all/proddocs/… –  marapet Oct 22 '12 at 6:33
Yes you can do ftp ofcourse, not sure how comfortable that would be to use ftp in a batch script –  Anshu Oct 22 '12 at 7:33
ftp ftp.microsoft.com will connect you to Microsoft's ftp site from the command line, or a batch file. Similarly, you can call ftp THEN use FTP's connect command like so: connect ftp.microsoft.com. Use FTP /? to discover FTP's options, or start FTP and use FTP's help command to see all of FTP's commands. –  James K Oct 22 '12 at 17:01

Use the scripting function of FTP.exe.

Put the following batch file in your downloads directory, along with the list of files to be downloaded. Change UserName to the username you will use, PassWord to the password you will use, ftp.site.com to the name of the ftp site you'll be downloading from, and filelist.txt with the name and path of the file that the list of files to be downloaded is being kept in.


:: Set needed Variables
set ftpUserName=UserName
set ftpPassword=PassWord
set ftpSite=ftp.site.com
set filelist=filelist.txt
set script=script.txt

if exist script.txt del script.txt

:: Create Script
echo connect %ftpSite%>> %script%
echo %ftpUserName%>> %script%
echo %ftpPassWord%>> %script%

for /f "tokens=0" %%x in (%filelist%) do (
  echo cd %%~px>> %script%
  if "%%~xx"=="txt" (
    echo ascii>> %script%
  ) else (
    echo binary>> %script%
  echo get %%~nxx>> %script%

echo quit>> %script%

The above assumes that there are no spaces in the paths or filenames, and that the file with the names and paths of the files to be downloaded is in this form:


Run makescript.bat, then type, or add the following line to a batch file:

ftp -s:script.txt

FTP will log on to the ftp site, send the username and password, change directories, then download a file, change directories, then download another file. This will repeat until all the files have been downloaded.

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