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I'm using the errorMail functionality of Elmah to send an email when ASP.NET encounters an error. It allows you to configure the SMTP settings as well as hard-code a sender, recipient, and subject.

My question is: can I use a dynamic subject? Specifically, I would like to use the Exception.Message property as my subject, so that I can tell what the error is about just from the subject line of the email.

There is no documentation, and from a quick scan of the source code it looks impossible without modifying the code, but I thought I would ask the question anyways.

Relevant source code:

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Doh! Answer is on line 454 of ErrorMailModule.cs:

string subjectFormat = Mask.EmptyString(this.MailSubjectFormat, "Error ({1}): {0}");
mail.Subject = string.Format(subjectFormat, error.Message, error.Type)
                .Replace('\r', ' ')
                .Replace('\n', ' ');

You can use {0} for the message and {1} for the type.

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you link didnt work for me. but this one did...code.google.com/p/elmah/source/browse/src/Elmah/… –  tkerwood May 4 '12 at 6:17
why is it "Error ({1}): {0}" instead of "Error ({0}): {1}" –  Bart Aug 16 at 2:48

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