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I've given only a pre-order traversal sequence of a binary tree (e.g. {a, b, d, c, e}) and the task is to find out the in-order sequence from it. Pls pardon me if this is a duplicate question.... thanks

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Just to make a note here, if the tree is a binary search tree with numeric key values then I know that the in-order traversal sequence is the sorted sequence of a given pre-order or post-order traversal sequence. But I was wondering what if the tree is not a BST only a BT with only alphabetical labels. –  jmkam Oct 22 '12 at 3:16

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I don't think you can find out the inorder traversal based on just the preorder traversal for a binary tree. As you said for binary search tree, sorting will give you the inorder traversal.

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