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I've just been given a project which involves the following steps

  1. Grab an email from a POP3 address
  2. Open an attachment from the email
  3. Extract the To: email address
  4. Add this to a global suppression list

I'd like to try and do this in Python even though I could it in PHP in half the time (this is because I dont know anywhere near as much Python as PHP)

My question would be.

Can anyone recommend a Python library for interacting with email in the way described above?

Many thanks in advance

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1 Answer

Two bits from the standard library: poplib to grab the email via POP3, email to slice and dice it as you wish.

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Yeah, Python comes batteries included, as usual. For the global suppression list, use shelves so you'll have persistance. –  e-satis Aug 19 '09 at 15:04
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