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In my static lib project(target:sdk.a), I used an extern function like this:

// in the PlatformUnity.h file
extern "C"{
    extern UIView * UnityGetGLView();  
    extern UIViewController * UnityGetGLViewController();


// in the PlatformUnity.mm file (*.mm NOT the *.m)

UIView * funcA(){
    return UnityGetGLView();

UIViewController * funcB(){
    return UnityGetGLViewController();

In another project named Unity-iPhone.xcodeproj, I used the SDK.a . And there's a file named AppController.mm contains the code below:

static UIViewController* sGLViewController = nil;
UIViewController* UnityGetGLViewController()
   return sGLViewController;
static UIView* sGLView = nil;
UIView* UnityGetGLView()
    return sGLView;

When I build the Unity-iPhone.xcodeproj, It tells me that it can't find the function UnityGetGLView(). link error below:

Undefined symbols for architecture armv7:
  "_UnityGetGLViewController", referenced from:_funcB in SDK.a(PlatformUnity.o)
  "_UnityGetGLView", referenced from:_funcA in SDK.a(PlatformUnity.o)

This two function are really defined in AppController.mm But why I can't find it when link? The other linker flag of Unity-iPhone.xcodeproj is below:

-all_load -weak_framework CoreMotion -weak-lSystem
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I was able to solve this problem. The reason was I hadn't added extern "C" to "UnityGetGLViewController" method. Compiler was compiling it as C++ function but actually it has to be compiled as C function.

i.e. Use following Code snippets

extern "C"
    extern UIViewController* UnityGetGLViewController();
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