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I have a field of phone numbers where a random variety of seperators have been used, such as :

932-555-1515 951.555.1255 (952) 555-1414

I would like to go through each field that already exists and remove the non numeric characters. Is that possible? Whether or not it gets stored as an integer or as a string of numbers, I don't care either way. It will only be used for display purposes.

Thank you

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You'll have to iterate over all your docs in code and use a regex replace to clean up the strings.

Here's how you'd do it in the mongo shell for a test collection with a phone field that needs to be cleaned up.

db.test.find().forEach(function(doc) { =[^0-9]/g, '');;
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Based on the previous example by @JohnnyHK, I added regex also to the find query:

MongoDB: Find by regular expression and run regex replace on results
db.test.find({"url": { $regex: 'http:\/\/' }}).forEach(function(doc) {
  doc.url = doc.url.replace(/http:\/\/www\.url\.com/g, '');;
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