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I am using Typhoeus with Hydra in order to make parallel requests . my end goal is to parse the typhoeus response into mechanize object.

url = ""
hydra =
agent =
request =, :method => :get, :proxy => "#{proxy_host}:#{proxy_port}")
request.on_complete do |response|  #Typhoeus::response object
  body = response.body
  uri = request.parsed_uri
  page = agent.parse(uri, response, body)

the agent.parse method is giving me error because it cannot parse the typhoeus response object

/usr/local/rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.3-p194/gems/mechanize-2.5.1/lib/mechanize.rb:1165:in `parse': undefined method `[]' for #<Typhoeus::Response:0x00000012cd9da0> (NoMethodError)

Is there anyway i can convert Typhoeus response into Net::HTTPResponse object ? Or is there any other way I can club Mechanize and Typhoeus together? So that, I can make parallel requests with typhoeus and scrape the data with Mechanize library.

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Unless you need form handling you can just use nokogiri which is the parser that mechanize uses. – pguardiario Oct 22 '12 at 7:35
@pguardiario : yea I am using mechanize parser further in my code. the reason I am using mechanize instead of nokogiri is just because I can do a lot more using Mechaize object rather than nokogiri html document. – Game boy Oct 22 '12 at 14:44
Does that mean forms? I ask because it seems unlikely from my experience that you really need it. It might make sense to post that code. – pguardiario Oct 22 '12 at 17:24
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  1. I tried to create a Net::HTTPResponse( from a Typhoeus::Response, but it didn't work out. Calling the initializer is easy, but setting the response body or headers not.

  2. I looked into mechanize to see if it can be changed to use Typhoeus for making requests but I don't think thats possible right now. Net/http is really hard-wired into mechanize. I thought of a mechanize-typhoeus adapter, which would be nice.

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