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I am trying to follow http://railscasts.com/episodes/63-model-name-in-url to achieve URLs that look like:

/dog/<custom field of dog>

instead of


Where "1" is the internal primary key of the Dogs table. The custom field I want happens to be another integer in the Dogs field.

My code:


load_and_authorize_resource :except => [:index]    
def show
       @dog = Dog.find_by_custom_field(params[:id])


def to_param

In particular, when I try to load /dogs/<custom_field>, it still insists on using that integer as the primary key lookup, instead of looking up on the custom field. So I get a Couldn't find Dog with id=<custom_field>. error

Interestingly, the logger line also never gets printed when I try to do this. However, when I remove the load_and_authorize_resource (CanCan) line, then it works. What is going on here?

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Don't you just need to rewrite the routes setting? Like /dog/:custom_field. –  oldergod Oct 22 '12 at 6:01

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for using a different attribute other than id pass :find_by option

 load_and_authorize_resource :except => [:index]  , :find_by => :custom # will use find_by_custom!(params[:id])

for more info read cancan manual for controller methods http://rdoc.info/github/ryanb/cancan/master/CanCan/ControllerAdditions/ClassMethods

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