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The Apache Commons FTPClient creates calls openDataConnection everytime i.e for every command it uses a separated socket.

Which means many ports are used for data transfer? Because of this sometimes i am getting into SockeReadTimeOutException which results because some Timed_Waiting ports are being used.

Not able to understand why don't a single port used for data transfer.Which consumes less memory and less stress on system. Any Advice??

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Checked with windows ftp client. This also sends port command before every request. But why instead of using only one port? – srinivasan Oct 23 '12 at 1:57

If this aspect is important to you, you may search another library. If your system allows secured file transfer (SFTP), have a look to: JSch.

I did not check the code but it might work differently compared to FTPClient and might not open a socket for each command.

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