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I'm fairly new the Zend Framework and I'm stuck.

The following code is a snippet of my form's decorator setting where I'm experiencing a problem:

// prepend errors to top
                'placement' => Zend_Form_Decorator_Abstract::PREPEND

When errors are rendered on the view I get the following:

    <ul class="form-errors">
          <b>First Name: </b>
          <ul class="errors">
             <li>You forgot to enter your First Name.</li>

How do you remove all of the html including the label <b>First Name: </b>?

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Just create custom decorator, try something like this

protected $_errorDecorator = array(
    'markupElementLabelEnd'   => '',
    'markupElementLabelStart' => '',

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showing the link to the manual would be helpful for OP and future visitors of this website I guess ;) –  hakre Oct 22 '12 at 6:46
I guess that's a start, however the label content "First Name:" still remains. I was wondering how do I remove that as well –  JLibert Oct 22 '12 at 16:33

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