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I want to create a dropdown for types collection from MongoDB, in my MongoDB collection:

section has types and controller code with view code. I want to create a form->select from the output of the controller.

      "_id": ObjectId("5082c6109d5d0c640c000000"),
      "name": "JACKET CLUSTER FRONT"
      "_id": ObjectId("5082c62b9d5d0c440c00006e"),
      "name": "JACKET CLUSTER FRONT"
      "_id": ObjectId("5082c62b9d5d0c440c00006f"),
      "name": "TITLE WITHOUT SYMBOL"
      "_id": ObjectId("5082c62b9d5d0c440c000070"),
      "name": "FRONTISPIECE"

// in my controller
// -----------
    $types = Types::all(array('order'=>'_id'));
    $vtype = array($types)
    return compact('vtypes');

// in my view
// ------------------
    echo $this->form->select('types',$vtypes);
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find('list') returns a key/value array, useful for any use where you would want a list such as for populating input select boxes.

$types = Types::find('list')

[5082c6109d5d0c640c000000] => 'JACKET CLUSTER FRONT',
[5082c62b9d5d0c440c00006e] => 'JACKET CLUSTER FRONT',
[5082c62b9d5d0c440c00006f] => 'TITLE WITHOUT SYMBOL',

This finder looks for $_meta['title'] of your model, which is by default name if this field is available, and $_meta['key'] for the id, which should be _id in your case if your schema is correct

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Finally, I used this to achieve the result.

Types::meta('key', '_id');
Types::meta('title', 'filename');

$types = Types::find('list',array(
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Pls RTFM! find('list') doesn't need all that jazz to return a key/value pairs for populating a form select... Moreover, what you wrote is exactly what I explained in my answer –  Mehdi Lahmam B. Jan 8 '13 at 12:32

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