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How can I update just one specific column of multiple records using content resolver?

update(Uri uri, ContentValues values, String where, String[] selectionArgs) 

Does above function requires that I rewrite all the values of each record in the object of contentValues? When I used this function with just one value like:

ContentValues value = new ContentValues();      
value.put (Voicemails.IS_READ, 1 );//mark as read

int iRowsUpdated=contentResolver.update(uri, value, null, null);

Then I got exception "Cannot update URI: content://com.android.voicemail/voicemail?...Bulk update not supported", which is may be because "where" is set to null;

A tutorial mentioned that "To batch update a group of records in to Content provider, call ContentResolver.update() method with the columns and values to change."

But I am not able to do this....I still don't know how will I update just one column of all the records, basically I need to mark read voicemails as read.

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