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Im new to cassandra and Im trying to create a schema that will allow me to have a row as

users: {
    name: <value>,
    phone_numbers:1: <value>,
    phone_numbers:2: <value>,
    phone_numbers: <value>

I've been reading up about Composite Columns, and have only been able to find examples where the primary key is a composite. So is it possible to have the above in one CF?

My attempt was:-

create column family users with comparator=AsciiType
and key_validation_class=AsciiType
and column_metadata=[
{column_name: name, validation_class: AsciiType, index_type: KEYS},
{column_name: phone_numbers, validation_class: CompositeType(AsciiType, IntegerType), index_type: KEYS}];

the above fails. any help is appreciated cheers

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CompositeType in cassandra can be used either as comparator [Type of column name] or key_validation_class [Type of row key] but not as default_validation_class [Type of the column value]

create column family users with 
comparator='CompositeType(UTF8Type, IntegerType)' 
and key_validation_class='UTF8Type'

Should work for you. I have shared a detailed post on Composite Types in cassandra

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So would the best way to design my schema be in two CFs? One for users with comparator = AsciiType and second CF is user_phone_numers with comparitor = CompositeType(AsciiType, IntegerType)? – krone Oct 23 '12 at 0:41
I thought your OP is regd creating CompositeTypes :P Incase you need some help over schema try describing your usecase and read, write patterns – Tamil Oct 23 '12 at 5:32

In cql 3 you could declare it as: (using type ascii for sake of simplicity)

create table users (user ascii,phoneid ascii,phonenumber ascii, primary key(user,phonenumber)) with compact storage;

fill it as

insert into users (user,phoneid,phonenumber values ('john smith','home','555-121345')

insert into users (user,phoneid,phonenumber values ('john smith','office','555-121346')

and retrieve it as

select * from users where user = 'john smith'


'john smith','home','555-121345'

'john smith','office','555-121346'

Hope it helps

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this helps a lot, so i can still only search by one part of a key, but have the composite keys allowing me to store arrays. – krone Oct 24 '12 at 4:49

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