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I'm working on a report which displays a configuration for a product, which depending on the product choosen has specific properties. I thought it would be handy to have one rectangle with a table on the left (tblDetailsB) and one on the right side of the report (tblDetailsA) (don't mind the order of A and B here...).

Under the rectangle I have another table which shows a list of drawers (if they're part of the configuration), this list comes from another dataset. ssrs screenshot

My problem is the size of the rectangle which holds tblDetailA and tlbDetailB is fixed (that's usually why one chooses a rectangle to hold..) and my tlbLade subreport for the drawers is under a lot of whitespace..

I could use subreports for tblDetailsA and tblDetailsB but I don't want to have too many of them.. I got myself into this mess, maybe someone knows a much better idea to solve this?

Thanks in advance,


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Thanks to I found out I have to suppress / hide the rows in the static row group under the details group (switch to advanced mode first..). When I did that the size of the Rectangle (container) was ignored when the rows where hidden :) problem solved



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