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Is it possible to sends two or more object simultaneously from sitebricks client to sitebricks service ?

For example, I have a Person Object and a JobApplication Object. Can I do something like this:

public class ApplicationStorage {

    public void post(Person person, JobApplication job) {
        // ...

WebClient client = web.clientOf("service url") ..... // here how to send the two objects ? 
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If sending two objects is a must, then create another object that is composed of the two objects that you wish to send over HTTP. Your JSON parser (ex: Jackson) will be able to serialize each of the first two objects into JSON, and set them as JSON attributes to your new object.

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This is exactly what I did ! –  Adio Oct 23 '12 at 8:31

You can send a List too, but this is not ideal as you have to mess about with Java Generics. The wrapper object is the best way.

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