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I have a requirement to Hook the excisting class methods and do some sort of logging. The classes are written and placed as Jars in the Application. A Typical example on my scenario is as follows.

  1. We open a connection(java.sql.Connection) and close the connection when all the DB opertaions are completed. What I want here is to call a custom method on every call to Connection.close() method. I could not create custom classed for the connection since code changes for this will be very huge in the excisting project.

Is there a way to Hook the Close method. Is it possible to hook method in Java?

Any help is appreciated.! Thanks.

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There are several ways:

  • Use java.lang.reflect.Proxy and have the InvocationHandler do additional things when close() is called
  • Write a wrapper extending Connection (essentially the same as Proxy, except you have to implement all methods yourself and link them to the contained Connection)
  • I have never used it, but I believe AspectJ allows you to add behavior using pointcuts
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Wrote a Wrapper class extending the java.sql.Connection class and implemented all the method calling the Super class method. – Prakashm88 May 7 '13 at 14:04

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