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I am currently creating a Chrome Extension. But Google officially disallow the extension to access variables or functions defined in the web page:

However, content scripts have some limitations. They cannot:

Use chrome.* APIs (except for parts of chrome.extension)
Use variables or functions defined by their extension's pages
Use variables or functions defined by web pages or by other content scripts


In the page there are many script tags like:

 $config = {};
 $config.a = 1;
 $config.b = 5; 
 function getConfig() {  ...
   // some code  return config; 

Is there any way that I can read $config and the function getConfig() from Content Script? Or this is just impossible?


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As you probably noticed chrome.* API can only be used by the background page or other plugin specific pages. Content Scripts on the other hand can access the page but can't use the chrome.* APIs.

What you need to do is use the Content Extension to access whatever you want on the page, and then send a message with the data back to the background page. The background page can then use the data and the chrome.* APIs.

The docs have pretty good examples and documentation around Message Passing between content scripts and the background page.



You can only send messages that contain JSON objects. In other words you can't send the getConfig function. But you can send the $config in your example. If the $config object is not JSON you need to serialize it somehow.

code on the page you can't control

$config = {};
$config.a = 1;
$config.b = 5;


function getConfig(){return $config;}

chrome.extension.sendMessage({type: 'config', content: getConfig()}, function(response) {


  function(request, sender, sendResponse) {
    console.log(sender.tab ?
                "from a content script:" + sender.tab.url :
                "from the extension");
    if (request.type == "config") {
        // DO SOMETHING WITH request.config here
        sendResponse({status: "OK"});
    sendResponse({status: "Unknown request type"});
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Thanks Eduardo, what I need is just to read page variable and functions. I now know how to communicate with Content Script with Background page. But I don't know what I can do with the intro you provided :( – Aw Qirui Guo Oct 23 '12 at 3:14
They only solution currently is to transfer document.scripts and analyzing the strings. but it's too tough and unstable if the page changed something. – Aw Qirui Guo Oct 23 '12 at 3:37
So maybe you should have included a concrete example on your question @AwQiruiGuo – Eduardo Oct 23 '12 at 3:57
Thanks, I have updated this question. Please review. – Aw Qirui Guo Oct 24 '12 at 8:35
Thanks very much for the update, I am afraid you misunderstood me. The "$config" variable is not defined by me in the contentscript, but defined in the page (the page is not controlled by me). I actually want to access the variables in a page (just like I can access the DOM nodes). – Aw Qirui Guo Nov 11 '12 at 4:17

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