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I'm raising up an issue I had declared as resolved a few weeks ago on users@kannel.org with regard to sending out special characters in sms ( users digest , Vol. 74, Issue 14 Topic HTTP Encoding);

I was having trouble sending special character symbols to the sms and had resolved this by implementing charset=utf-8 and coding=2 in my perl script that's handling sending of the sms.

use CGI::Enurl;
use Unicode::Lite;
($msgType =~ /(?:web)|(?:err)|(?:text)/i) ? '&text=' . enurl($text).'&coding=2'.'&charset=utf-8'

but now Ive realized this caused me to start receiving half-messages most of them are truncated after the 90th character while or one response that is 444 characters, they're truncated after the 105 character.

how can I ensure that I send through these special characters while at the same time not affecting my processing?

Additional Info:

This is the code snippet that handles the various message types (error, text, logo,tone etc). Ive commented the change .'&coding=2'.'&charset=utf-8' to allow me to continue receiving full messages. Now only thing that doesn't work is the special symbols. The line that handles these text responses is the first line.

$URL .= (
      ($msgType =~ /(?:web)|(?:err)|(?:text)/i) ? '&text=' . enurl($text)#.'&coding=2'.'&charset=utf-8'
    : ($msgType =~ /(?:logo)/i) ? '&udh=%06%05%04%15%82%00%00&text=' . $code . delimit_bytes($text)
    : ($msgType =~ /^(?:tone)$/i)
    ? '&udh=' . delimit_bytes('0B0504158115810003660101') . '&text=' . delimit_bytes($text)
    : ($msgType =~ /^(?:etone)$/i) ? '&udh=' . delimit_bytes($text) . '&text=+'
    : ($msgType =~ /(?:unicode)/i) ? '&text=' . enurl(convert('latin1', 'unicode', $text)) . '&coding=3'
    : ""
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I think you need to provide more context. It is hard to tell what is going on from this small snippet. –  dan1111 Oct 22 '12 at 8:25
Are not sms limited to 140 bytes? Not sure of the format in which you send, but if some of your special characters need two bytes for representation, then that would cut down the total number of characters you can send even further. –  dan1111 Oct 22 '12 at 8:32
I think dan1111 has it right - there are interfaces that let you send longer messages but they just split them up and rely on the receiving end to re-assemble them. –  Richard Huxton Oct 22 '12 at 9:43

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