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I have a development environment running on a Solaris 10 box. The vcs used is currently SCCS. It is planned to move this environment to a new box running Solaris 11. I was thinking of using this as an opportunity to move to a new vcs system, most likely Git.

I was wondering is it a case that we would have to just start fresh on the other box with a dump of the current repo from the old box or is it possible to preserve the repo history?

I have done a bit of searching SCCS to Git information seems quite scarce.


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You could try and execute a script like sccs2git, trying to import the full history into a new Git repo.

However, it is best to check if the content of that legacy repo wouldn't be best managed in several Git repos (split), and if you can only import the last meaningful labels (which makes for a shorter import process), while keeping the legacy repo in read-only mode for archive.

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+1 for mentioning the repository layout. I didn’t think of that—but then again, I have no idea about SCCM ;) –  poke Oct 22 '12 at 9:03
at line 91 I had to divide the timezone value by 36: $tzoffset->($delta{stamp}) / 36. I was getting numbers like -18000 which should have been -0500 (for CDT). git threw a fatal error otherwise. –  pedz Feb 28 '13 at 0:04

There seems to be a “SCCS2Git” script, mentioned here. It’s in the TODO section, so one can only guess its status, but there is some sourecode available as well. If you can figure out how it works, maybe you can give it a try (after backing things up obviously).

Otherwise I would probably go a less experimental route and convert to something else first. Git has a good interface to Subversion, and there seem to be a good number of converters from SCCS to Subversion, for example this. If you set up a local Subversion repository, you can probably export the data quickly and then import it as a new Git repository using git-svn.

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Like the svn intermediate migration path. +1 –  VonC Oct 22 '12 at 8:58
Thanks poke I think the SCCS>SVN>Git might be the best course of action. I will look into this. –  Kev Oct 22 '12 at 12:33

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