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Currently i am using to upload the video with progress bar(here is the tutorial but ie does not support this method, but i really need upload the video in all browser.

I checked the express documentation, since express is based on node-formidable , so i think there is way to build a upload system with progress bar right? because node-formidable has a progress event.

i just dont know how? please help me. and node-formidable ie enabled right?

any way is it possible to build a file upload system in pure epress.js with progress bar?

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It can be done with the xhr.upload progress event. It is supported from html5.

For example:

In php the upload information can be attached to the session, so it works with html4, maybe there is a nodejs extension for that too, I'll google it.

According to this: How to do upload with express in node.js there is a progress event in express by file upload, so you can set a variable in the session with the actual progress data, and read it with ajax from client side.

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