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enter image description here

I've seen many apps creating a side bar on the left like the image above. Apparently this is not a split view controller since the size is fix for that.

Anyone know how to do it? May I get some directions or advice on this?

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That can be done simply by adding to your main view a UIView with a "vertical" frame, e.g. (0, 0, 44, screenHeight). That view should be then populated with all the icons you need...

There is nothing more to it, as far as I can see.

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except you cannot push viewcontrollers from views... this is an awful way to do what he wanted. –  John Riselvato Jan 3 at 14:51
@JohnRiselvato: actually, I have never meant to push a view controller from anywhere… never talked of view controllers… if you want to have a view controller, define your custom tab bar view (as I suggested), then build you custom tab bar controller around it and use view controller containment (no pushing), and that's it. –  sergio Jan 6 at 10:57

It is shown in this tutorial, how you can implement that kind of "custom side Tab Bar", he did a video about it too.

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You can't use the default UITabBarController from iOS. You will need to do your custom tab bar. You could use an UIView with some UIButtons added as subviews.

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