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I have page which with charset as UTF-8 once I submitt the page will load same page to show error messages if I have any, but after page submittion the japanese text which I have in page is not decoding properly it is showing some encoding strings. I will redirect to this page using $this->forward, and I have charset=UTF-8 in meta tag.

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It's possible you have double-encoding. Could you provide an example of the input and the resulting output? – CAMason Oct 23 '12 at 12:32
@CraigMason : Here is the resulting output of Japanese text " æ°åを入力ã—ã¦ä¸‹ã•ã„。". – somu.web Oct 25 '12 at 5:26
That looks partially like latin-1 output as utf-8 but there are some broken characters. Perhaps you could load a full page, file -> save as, then upload that? – CAMason Oct 25 '12 at 17:18
@CraigMason : You mean I need to upload my file here ?? Is there any such option here ? – somu.web Oct 29 '12 at 6:35

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