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I'm looking at using Mercurial for version control in a project, and was hoping you stackers could help me out with the regex, so that the .hgignore isn't a disgusting GLOB-by mess.

The big ignore directories are easy, however keeping certain sub-folders tracked has me stumped.

Here's the list of what I (believe) need INCLUDED for coding purposes.

Development/Src/<all files in this directory, but not subfolders>

If only there was the option for a .hginclude rather than .hgignore...

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You could ignore everything and then use hg add to add the specific files that you want. The .hgignore file is only used to ignore things that haven't already been added to the repository.

Other than that, you do need to specify the files to ignore so I don't think that people could help you with this question without know what the files are that you don't want to track.

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Can I add folders though, or only specific files? – Melodatron Oct 22 '12 at 9:53
Only files. Mercurial doesn't track folders. – Steve Kaye Oct 22 '12 at 13:35

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