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I have Active Directory on Windows Server 2003 SP1 R2 and Exchange Server 2010 on Windows Server 2008

Can i joining these servers together, Exchange Server with this Active Directory Domain or that will make a problems and what is the better ?

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Integrating Active Directory into your Exchange Infrastructure gives you a considerable options and flexibity because active Directory and Exchange work well together.

As stated by Jaap Wesselius:

When you separate a network into multiple physical locations, connected with “slow” links and separated into multiple IP subnets, you create “sites,” in Active Directory terms.Like for example office located in Germany with an IP subnet of There might be a branch office located in Bulguria with an IP subnet of Both locations have their own Active Directory DC, and handle client authentication in their own subnet. Active Directory site links control replication traffic between sites. Clients in each site use DNS to find services such as DCs in their own site, thus preventing the use of services over the WAN link.

Exchange Server 2010 uses Active Directory sites for routing messages between sites. Using the same example of the Exchange Server 2010 Hub Transport Server in Germany and Exchange Server 2010 Hub Transport Server in Bulguria, the IP Site Links in Active Directory would route messages from Germany to Bulguria.

Transport and Routing:-With Exchange Server 2010, you can implement cross-premises message routing. In a mixed hosting environment, Exchange Server 2010 can route messages from the datacenter to the on-premises environment with full transparency. To create a highly available and reliable routing model Active directory helps with the formulation with exchange server.

Unified Messaging:-The Exchange Server 2010 Unified Messaging Server Role can integrate a telephone system like a private automatic branch exchange, or PABX, with the Exchange Server messaging environment. This lets you offer Outlook Voice Access.

Thus beacuse of this reason Both will work well together.

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