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It's now been around 5-6 month since I am working on android. Gone through few points and still in the process of learning. Few days back I came to know about android annotations. Great way to reduce our code and strictly concentrate on BL. But for continue learning about annotation I need stuff which I am not getting in much details. I found few of the good stuff, like simple annotation example and also github provided me few more example as here. But still I really want to dig a more deeper as far as annotation is concern. Where can i find more stuff related to Annotation? Can anybody help me in this. I know this is not directly related to programming, but ya still require help of programmers only.

Updated: I just got one more link for annotation, pasting to update users. Here the link.

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I guess still need to work in details and still need to do R&D on annotation. I don't know whether to accept below answer or still wait for some genuine answer although i know there is no exact answer for my question. So still waiting for something more useful. PS: I never said dayS answer was not useful –  Black Devil Dec 5 '12 at 9:19

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I'm not quite sure what you're asking for exactly. AndroidAnnotation will generates a class A_ with an annotated class A. You can open A_ and see what is generated.

If you wan't to know a little more about annotation in itself, you can check this article http://today.java.net/pub/a/today/2008/04/10/source-code-analysis-using-java-6-compiler-apis.html Quickly, annotation processing works this way :

  • Analyze a class to extract a list of methods and attributes
  • For each method and attribute, if there are annotations on them, make some stuffs (generating code, ...)

I hope I gave you some answers.

EDIT: If you wan't some feedbacks, me and my co-workers are using AndroidAnnotations for a big company for one year now and it works perfectly. We can really focus on functionalities.

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Hey thanks dayS for answering, but still, as per introduction is concern I have attached above links that gave me introduction for the android-annotations. And with some syntax of each. But here I need few working demos which we easily get for android or java. Any pdf's or book name explaining me android-annotations will also help. thanks any ways. –  Black Devil Oct 22 '12 at 10:11

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