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I am using WAMP on my local server, I am trying to redirect a local directory to an external domain name, for example:

http://myhost.dev/directory should redirect to http://www.google.com

However, I wish to keep http://myhost.dev/directory in the address bar. I understand that I need to set up mod_proxy, which after reading the documentation have found that I need to do this:

RewriteRule ^directory http://google.co.uk [P]
ProxyPassReverse /directory/ http://phvc.co.uk/schools/

However, I am getting the following error:

[Mon Oct 22 10:41:22 2012] [alert] [client] C:/wamp/www/vhosts/path/.htaccess: ProxyPassReverse not allowed here

If anyone can help with this, that would be appreciated.

I have turned on all the modules saying proxy in WAMP:

  • proxy_module
  • proxy_ajp_module
  • proxy_balancer_module
  • proxy_connect_module
  • proxy_ftp_module
  • proxy_http_module


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I ended up implementing this solution:


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