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When I login to my app the server sends me back cookies(credentials and some app's cookie):

Response sent 170 bytes of Cookie data:
 Set-Cookie: user_credentials=val; path=/; HttpOnly; Secure

Response sent 554 bytes of Cookie data:
 Set-Cookie: _app_session=otherVal; path=/; HttpOnly; Secure

...and then redirects to the home page;

Cookies include some flags: e.g. httpOnly, Secure, etc.

How can I test whether cookies do include those flags with Rspec?

At least where can I find those cookies?

it "should generate cookies with proper flags" do    
    params = Factory.attributes_for(:user,
      :username => "uname",
      :password => "upass"
    # login
    post 'create', params

    response.should redirect_to home_url # => pass

    puts "response cookie = #{response.cookies.inspect}" # => {} // no cookies in response, why?
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Controller specs do not generate/invoke real http requests, they just set up the controller under test and invoke the requested action on it. No http request is made and no real http answer is generated. So you can only test the inner workings of a Rails controller on a more abstract level.

The cookie handling in these specs is rather simple, setting cookies in an action like this:

def set_cookies
  cookies[:foo]   = 'bar'
  cookies[:lorem] = {:value => 'ipsum', :expires => 3.days.from_now}

  render :nothing => true

results in the following values accessible in the spec:

it "should set some cookie values" do
  get :set_cookies

  # response.cookies looks like this:
  # {'foo' => 'bar', 'lorem' => 'ipsum'}     

  response.cookies['foo'].should == 'bar'
  response.cookies['lorem'].should == 'ipsum'

To test the kind of cookie flags that you see in your responses, you would have to use something that does real http requests. Maybe you can use the capybara gem for it?

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Hmm.. actually capybara is out of my scope of work but still Thank you; – ted Oct 25 '12 at 14:50
How are the cookies set anyways? Are you doing that in a controller? – severin Oct 25 '12 at 15:06
one of them is set by Authlogic gem and another one by ActionController i believe – ted Oct 25 '12 at 17:10
Seems like there were no other ideas; the bounty is your – ted Nov 1 '12 at 6:08
Thanks. I actually looked around a bit more and found this: stackoverflow.com/a/2453812/211060 -> it seems that rspec integration tests go through the full stack, including middlewares. You could try to move your spec into spec/integration and do your request with the full path, like post '/sessions/create' and then check response.cookies... HTH – severin Nov 1 '12 at 7:58

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