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I would like to annotate my plots with a filename. With plot() I used mtext:

mtext("File xy-12-34-56.csv", 4)

How can I do that with ggplot2 and qplot or ggplot? It should not collide with the legend. I found the commands annotate and grid, but I could not get an annotation similar to mtext with these.

As a workaround I could try watermarks, but perhaps you have a good hint for me. Kind regards, Jonas

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Looks like to achieve the result now we should use the following:

p <- qplot(data = mtcars, wt, mpg)
grid.arrange(p, right = textGrob("File xy-12-34-56.csv", rot = -90, vjust = 1))

Old answer

Try this:

p <- qplot(data = mtcars, wt, mpg)
print(arrangeGrob(p, legend = textGrob("File xy-12-34-56.csv", rot = -90, vjust = 1)))

enter image description here

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Does this require a call to grid? library(grid)? – Brandon Bertelsen Oct 22 '12 at 15:45
@BrandonBertelsen, thanks for reminding, that is actually gridExtra – Julius Oct 22 '12 at 16:28
This doesn't seem to work any more :( – jbaums Jan 20 at 8:23
@jbaums, you are right. I have just updated the answer. – Julius Jan 20 at 19:26

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