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I have ruby on rails website,in which I want to perform some task at fixed interval such as 'sending report by email every sunday',for example.
I have examined using whenever gem but since it is wrapper for the *nix utility cron,it may not work on windows.

I am asking for which gem or method to use to do for scheduling such above task that is not depend on underlying platform?

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Both Clockwork and rufus-scheduler (optionally combined with delayed job) are good gems for scheduling tasks.

If you are on torquebox, it already provides a job scheduler based on quartz.

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I find rufus-scheduler fine and also according to Ruby toolbox , clockwork is inactive – usercr Oct 22 '12 at 12:19

Use WebMin set up. Set the Cron jobs for your application script that you want to execute and run it on the web min server i.e your_ip_address:10000. It is the best way for job scheduling. I used it in most of my project.

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