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I have save a image in a matrix like this:

nfilas= tamanio(1);
ncols= tamanio(2);
nbandas= tamanio(3);

imagenn = zeros(nfilas, ncols, nbandas);

And my result is that:

 Name         Size             Bytes  Class     Attributes

  imagenn      4x4x3               96  uint16           

And now, I want to graph the value of the same píxel on the three bands. I want to get the value of the first position (1,1), for example, and graph it. How can I indicate the position with a matrix?

Thanks in advance,

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The matrix imagenn is square (4x4) and has 3 "layers" (R, G and B?). So, to get a pixel P on each "layer" you have to write P(1,1,1), P(1,1,2) and P(1,1,3). Note that Matlab's indexes start from 1.

You will have to plot vector P(1,1,:)

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