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I'm trying to detect Go files in vim. I've set this up normally on other computers but this one is stuck.

:set filetype?

So it knows that it's a go file, but isn't triggering the syntax highlighting.


:set filetype=go

triggers it correctly.

:filetype detect 

doesn't work, and reopening the file :e! turns syntax highlighting off, even though filetype remains set to "go".

I have

set rtp+=/usr/local/go/misc/vim
filetype plugin indent on
syntax on

in my .vimrc (as the instructions say).

What's going on? I suspect there's some other configuration that's undoing the syntax highlighting, but lack the knowledge of where to find it.

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If you could share your vimrc file we might be able to help more –  jaudette Nov 22 '12 at 20:09

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I'm not sure exactly what the problem is… However, you can try :scriptnames to see what files were loaded by Vim.

One step further, you can set verbose=9 in your .vimrc and restart Vim. Careful, this is really verbose, try to tweak that number down.

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