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I have the following problem, and I would like to design the implementation to make sure I will not encounter any issues.

At application startup, I need to do one (and only one) server request to keep the phone up to date. Then I enter into the main activity.

My biggest issue is the Back button with Android, which can potentially bring back my stack to the very first activity, ie, the one that does server synchronisation.

I have thought of the following implementation:

  1. I launched the Main activity straight away
  2. In the onCreate() of the Main Activity, I launch the synchronisation process ... with some background logos, progress bar, etc etc...
  3. Upon completion of the synchronisation, i call finish() function on my Activity.

Will I then return the onCreate(), or straight to onResume() of the main Activity? Does this implementation make sense?

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You can continue doing the same but for the first activity where you do the synchronization thing, make it a noHistory Task.

Or in your First Activity, after you call startActivity(MainActivity) you can call finish() and by doing which your FirstActivity will be removed from backstack and then MainActivity will remain on top of the stack.

Hope that helps.


I mean to say is, let FirstActivity be your first activity and you start MainActivity from FirstActivity. After you call startActivity() in your FirstActivity, call finish() in the very next statement. This is completely acceptable.

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Thank you... the API is so rich! I missed this one... – l_ingenu Oct 22 '12 at 10:51
Accept the answer if it solved your problem. – Enigma Oct 22 '12 at 10:51


to prevent your first Activity from being viewed again, you just need to add the following line to you Activity declaration

        android:noHistory="true" /> 

Using the noHistory tag will remove your Activity without the need to do it your self programmatically

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